Nova Gaïawowg

Girls in Nova Tokyo

Three sisters, Miki, Saki and Misaki live in Tokyo in Nova Gaia. They can always get anything they like with the power of imagination and technology here. The three sisters explore their favorite things every day and spend their time freely.

Saeko Ehara

Saeko Ehara is a Kirakira (sparkling) artist and VJ based in Tokyo. Her works mainly represent Kirakira. In her latest works, she explores combining AI and Generative Art. She keeps learning and exploring the expressions of Kirakira with multiple ways. Her inspiration comes from memories and joys of her childhood. She was into drawing, collecting Kirakira cards of her favorite Anime, stickers, toys, acrylic jewels, small glassworks and reading illustrated books of flowers. Through her works, she would love to make the world full of Kirakira. So far, she was selected for "Bright Moments, Japanese Contemporary Collection (JP), "Noor Riyadh (SA)" curated by ETERNAL Art Space and she was presented in "Women’s History Month" curated by Dani Ton and World of Women community on SuperRare.