Flaming Emberwow

Moon Twiins

Moon twins from the Flaming Ember planet stand tall and proud, their eyes fixed on the glowing moon overhead. As the moon's energy washes over them, we see their forms begin to shimmer and glow, indicating the immense power they are harnessing. This illustration captures the dynamic and powerful nature of these moon twins, as well as their close relationship with the moon and the energy it provides.


Amaranta Martinez, also known as SUPERAMA, is a renowned visual artist from Venezuela based in Miami. SUPERAMA started her career in the animation and entertainment industry and later quit her job as an Art Director at Nickelodeon Latin America to pursue her passion for art and illustration. Since then, she has received many prestigious awards, including an EMMY AWARD and has worked on various exciting projects worldwide, including murals, animations, NFTs, books, installations, and clothing. She has collaborated with many notable clients, including United Airlines, Armani Exchange, HUGO BOSS, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, and more.