Golden Starwowg

Naiade of the Night

This 3D animation is a celebration of the essential life force energy that permeates the natural world, emphasizing the intrinsic interconnection of all living beings and the distinct, meaningful roles each of us embodies within this intricate tapestry of existence.

Rhi Madeline

Rhi Madeline is a Canadian oil painter turned 3D digital artist. Her work is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the natural world and its ability to heal and transform the human spirit. For a decade, Rhi made a name for herself as a painter of large-scale cityscapes, exhibiting her work in galleries and showcasing her art on TV productions, including the popular show Suits. Rhi transitioned into 3D digital art out of a strong desire to explore deeper themes in her work through storytelling and animation. She uses light and reflection to capture the magic of reality and to highlight the intricacy and wonder that is all around us.