Night Realmwowg


The artwork captures the enchanting allure of the night with an array of nocturnal creatures and moonflowers that bloom only under the lunar light. Viewers are invited to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the night, release the fear of the darkness, and embrace what is lush, divine and empowering.

Glam Beckett

Glam Beckett is an independent artist known for her bold, sensitive, and evocative monochrome artworks. Art is her one true passion, and black color is the most effective mean of expressing her feelings and the realm of her imagination. Through her art, she explores the possibilities of color through limitation, communicating mood and atmosphere in a distinguished and recognizable way. Glam's biggest accomplishments include showcasing her artwork on the Time Square Billboards during NFT.NYC, creating David Bowie art tribute in collaboration with David Bowie Estate, and being a sold Sotheby's artist. Glam's artworks are compelling and striking, making her a unique and noteworthy artist in the contemporary art scene.