Mother Earth


Beneath an endless blue sky, a tranquil meadow serves as the canvas for a female statue. In a delicate dance, a butterfly alights her hand, forging a connection that transcends existence. Meanwhile, the roots of life reclaim two abandoned skyscrapers that were once a bustling metropolis. ‘Butterflies’ is an artistic ode to the delicate balance between human civilization and the enduring power of nature’s resurgence.


Svccy is an Italian digital artist. He began his artistic training in 2016, specializing in digital collage art and later venturing into the field of 3D graphics. His art is inspired by the Vaporwave movement, with a darker and more introspective variant that reflects the condition of the contemporary individual influenced by technology and an ultra-consumerist society. His artistic research explores themes of identity, authenticity, and illusory freedom in the age of media and technological revolution. Svccy is represented by the Zanini Arte gallery in Mantova, Italy, as a phygital artist.