Artfest Winter starts in

10 minutes

15 Curated
Art Pieces

With separate curation for WoW and WoWG

Eligibility Linked
to Planets

Determined by the skin tone trait of your WoW or WoWG

New Art Reveals
Every Day

One Planet per day. Free to claim for eligible WoW and WoWG holders.

Royalties Shared
with Artists

You collect for free, we pay our artists. Simple as that.

Legend of Artfest

Artfest is a celebration of art and creativity hosted by World of Women.

Every season, around the time of the Full Moon, the WoW and WoWG families assemble to collect art. Each art piece is inspired by unique origin stories that collectively create our universe.

Each season, the 15 featured artists serve as our griots, helping to preserve the stories of the people, the places, and the traditions of these far away lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to claim art during Artfest?

How many artists are featured during each Artfest?

How much will each art piece cost?

How does the the art reveal process work?

What are the edition sizes for Artfest art pieces?

How often does Artfest occur?

How do royalties and artist compensation work?

How can I collect Artfest art pieces when the festival is not ongoing?