Cyber Jungle

Cyber Jungle, 2023

A cyber jungle is a digital wilderness teeming with a dense thicket of data, inhabited by both benign and predatory codes. One must navigate its tangled web with caution and skill to unearth its hidden treasures or risk becoming lost in its deceptive allure.


Natasha Chomko (b. 1995) is a Los Angeles-based digital artist primarily focused on surreal landscape collage art with refined visionary and psychedelic elements. Her work combines snippets of landscapes from all over the globe to demonstrate how interconnected we truly are. As a lifelong collagist, Natasha challenges perceptions of shapes, color, and texture to create entirely new universes out of pre-existing photos. Natasha strongly believes in the future of digital art and decentralization. Her fascination with copyright and open-sourced content drive her dialogue in the web3 space, and she is committed to asking challenging questions to bridge the gap between art and technology.