Rainbow Orb

Natural Galaxy, 2023

'Natural Galaxy' tells the tale of a realm where the night sky embraces vivid imagination. There, a woman revels in the adventure of a timeless odyssey, her eyes cradling the ancient tales of the vibrant world around her. All around, aerial cities float above waves that echo the heartbeat of celebration. The stars and ancient languages don't just surround her, they are a part of her very being, as she sings the melody that once harmoniously bridged worlds.


Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American artist and designer. His work is deeply inspired by Japanese culture and shines with vibrant optimism, gratitude, and healing energy in the face of it all. Sabet donates original pieces to various non-profit organizations, such as UNICEF, HearAid Foundation, and The American Cancer Society. He has also collaborated with luxury brands including Montblanc, Furla, BMW, and more.