Frost Ring


A land of quiet surrender amidst a tumbling terrain of frost. Icy blasts of wind swirl, as the powdery snow claims all sound as her own, leaving only silent glaciers to glimmer in the light. A world frozen in time and a moment of quiet peace that belies the tumultuous creativity churning the belly of this magic frost country.


Sarana Haeata, also known as Aslan Ruby, is an Australian-Maori artist whose work explores the beauty and nuances held in shared stories, socially constructed identity versus innate identity and the female experience. Her work has been commissioned by The Boston Globe in collaboration with The Gardener Museum, Founders of PayPal, Milan luxury sneaker brand Hidnander and clothing label Kristin Magrit. Her work was showcased on the billboards of Times Square in 2022 and in 2023 has been named Art Edit magazine's One To Watch. Her paintings reside in the private collections of Randi Zuckerberg and Sarah Harden and her digital work has been collected by Reese Witherspoon and Paris Hilton.