Nova Gaïa


‘Chronotopia’ offers a glimpse into a future world rich in mercury and known for its mastery of quicksilver production, where time travel takes center stage. Here, you'll discover organic utopian architecture and the mesmerizing radiance of bioluminescent plant life, an inexhaustible source of potent energy. These bioluminescent plants illuminate the cities and fuel the intricate time-travel devices that define the future. A diverse group of people are hard at work within the ‘Temporal Nexus Center’ to make sure that they can avoid impending disasters in their society.


Darius Puia, also known as BakaArts, is a 32-year-old 3D and 2D digital artist currently based in Germany who specializes in thought-provoking, fictional, dystopian and cyberpunk worlds. His artworks reflect fantastical "possibilities" that open the mind to an interesting future that hints at where mankind could be headed. His artworks have been featured in art exhibitions all over the world and have appeared in various magazines and publications, including names like SpaceX, BBC News, Digital Art Magazine, Maxon, BlenderArtists, and many more.