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Galactic Goddesses: Phases of Wonder

'Galactic Goddesses: Phases of Wonder' is a dynamic NFT inspired by the eight mesmerizing planets of the World of Women universe. With each full moon, journey through colors and watch as the art evolves to capture the magical essence of celestial bodies, womanhood, and the cosmos.


Amarylis Hibon, also known as Amylili, is an artist and illustrator residing in the small country of Luxembourg. Amarylis holds a BA(Hons) in Furniture and Product Design and has previously worked for five years at a prominent Big 4 company. Additionally, she is the creator of the Instagram page "The Cute Feminist," a platform through which she empowers women with her unique and inspiring drawings. Amylili has achieved notable milestones in her career. Her artwork titled 'Loona' was exhibited in Ghent at an exhibition curated by @thehugxyz and @artcrushgallery. She is also the illustrator behind the Global Kind NFT Collection.