Artfest Bonuswowg


In 'Luminance' the Rainbow Orb serves as the central source of light, casting a vibrant glow on the intricate flower sculptures and delicate feminine figures that surround it. Inspired by the beauty of spectral colors and the subtle atmosphere of a distant planet, this enchanting artwork evokes a sense of wonder and otherworldly beauty, inviting the viewer to step into a world of magic.


SMECCEA is a 3D artist based in Vancouver whose work is nothing short of magical. Her stunning landscapes and charming characters transport viewers to captivating realms of enchantment. | SMECCEA has worked with a variety of clients, including global brands such as Adobe, Apple, and Hyundai Motor Company. She has also collaborated with music artists like Majid Jordan, Metro Boomin, Lil Yachty, SZA, Khalid, The Chainsmokers, 21 Savage, and Goldlink and many more.