Artfest Bonuswowg

Celestial Navigator

This piece is meaningful to me because it's the first time I've placed a character into my abstract infinite mirror rooms. Golden Star is spiritual and healing in its nature, and a realm of knowledge. I used this idea as a jumping off point, and my piece depicts a spiritual journey through the space between worlds, guided by an angel, drifting through infinite halls of shimmering light, much like an ever-expanding cosmic library. “Character Design: Chelsea Evenstar”, “Sound Wizard: Abel Okugawa” and “Vocals: Red Flower Lake”

David Ariew

David Ariew is an acclaimed 3D and visual artist. He has worked with bands and artists like Beeple, Deadmau5, Zedd, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, and Excision. Ariew has several artistic styles, from energetic concert visuals tightly synced with music to overly ambitious cinematic short films, and mesmerizing abstract animations built from 3D infinite mirror rooms. He has sold his work on SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Sotheby’s, and was an artist on Pak’s ASHII drop. Ariew also created two of the Beeple x Madonna NFTs and exhibited his work at Beeple’s grand opening.